Kunal Shah


Kunal Shah 


Product Design Engineer


Elixion Medical




Technology and Bionics 

Degree programmes 

Mechatronics Systems Engineering. B.Sc.

Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc.

Date of the interview 

October 2023


What motivated you to pursue two bachelor’s degrees at Rhine-Waal University?

Pursuing two bachelor’s degrees was a decision that was influenced by a combination of my initial fascination with both mechanical engineering and mechatronics and the unique circumstances that unfolded during my academic path.

From the very beginning, when I first selected my bachelor’s program in mechanical engineering, I found myself in a constant debate. I was torn between my passion for designing, a focal point of mechanical engineering, and my fascination with programming and robotics, which are central to mechatronics. This internal dilemma persisted as I progressed through my mechanical engineering studies, and I often found myself exploring programming and robotics courses in parallel, like at my semester abroad in USA.

Completing this second degree required only nine additional subjects and a thesis, which I considered a manageable workload. Yet, this pursuit wasn’t solely academic; it was to enhance my skill set and career prospects. Combining my mechanical engineering foundation with mechatronics and programming skills positioned me as a versatile professional in a competitive job market.

In retrospect, I take great pride in the decision I made to pursue two bachelor’s degrees at Rhine-Waal University. It symbolizes my unwavering commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. This educational journey has not only enriched my knowledge, but has also equipped me with a unique blend of skills, allowing me to confidently navigate the complexities of the professional world and seize exciting opportunities along the way.

What was the job hunt like after graduation?

My approach to looking for a job after graduation relied on what I had learnt from my internship applications. Making a strong résumé and customizing each application with a motivation letter tailored to the position were essential components. Finding a balance between the amount and quality of applications was equally important. While it’s important to cast a wide net, I gave priority to looking for jobs that matched my genuine interests and abilities. With this strategy, I was able to give each application more time and attention while simultaneously increasing their relevance.

This also helped me in the interviewing process, as I could show that my interest in the matter was genuine. Recruiters don’t just look for skill sets when hiring a student who has only earned a bachelor’s in a broad field such as engineering: they also look for passion and a hunger to learn and take on challenges, which is simpler when they can detect a genuine interest in the interviewee. So friendly tip: Find something you can really be excited about J.

You work as a Product Design Engineer at Elixion Medical in Munich, Germany. What are your main tasks?

In my role as a Product Design Engineer at Elixion Medical, a Med-Tech startup in Munich, Germany, I wear many hats due to our small team. I work on a variety of tasks, including designing for 3D printing, programming microcontrollers, GUI development, and assembling prototypes—both on the mechanical and electrical fronts. My double bachelor’s have equipped me with a well-rounded profile enabling me to do these tasks which otherwise would require people from separate majors.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I appreciate the working environment fostered by our co-founders. It almost feels like I am at the robotics club again and we are all working together towards a common project goal instead of doing a 9-5 job. This work environment contributes to our team’s cohesion and effectiveness. Additionally, our office is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the latest 3D printers (SLA and FDM), a laser cutting station as well as an electronics lab catering to my enthusiasm for these tools.

What advice do you have for our engineering students?

Trust Your Seniors: They have been through what you might be going through and their insider tips work.

Don’t Shoulder Unnecessary Blame: Sometimes, circumstances are beyond your control, and it’s important to recognize that it’s not always your fault. Stay resilient and use setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.

Make Each Attempt Count: Particularly in “special” subjects, make the most of your attempts. Don’t squander opportunities. Plan strategically to optimize your chances of success. The third semester is hard! Start preparing early for this one.

What is your favourite memory of your student life at Rhine-Waal?

My time at Rhine-Waal University was peppered with delightful memories, from the thrilling robotics club adventures to unforgettable events like the Homecoming Cup and exhilarating wakeboarding sessions. I even obtained my scuba diving license as part of the submarine team. These experiences hold a special place in my heart, shaping my university journey.

One of my fondest memories, undoubtedly, was the “Schwanenritter Race”. A couple of friends and I, armed with nothing but some plywood, a saw, nails, hammer, duct tape and just two short hours, embarked on a mission to construct a boat from scratch. Our boat resembled more of a whimsical, slapstick contraption, and who would have imagined that the only thing that kept it from drowning was the duct tape. We still completed the boat and set sail in the Spoy Canal. While we didn’t come out victorious, the camaraderie and just how hilarious the situation was made it an absolute favourite—a memory that encapsulates the carefree, unforgettable moments of my university life.