Health Sciences and Management*

Preventive and precautionary healthcare – managing health before the doctor visit

The German healthcare industry is in a state of perpetual change. The information needs of companies and citizens, who are among the industry’s most important stakeholders, have grown more complex and demanding over the years. Similar to other industrial nations, the German healthcare industry is projected to become a central pillar of future economic growth. In short, a combination of factors has led to an explosion in demand for health science and health administration experts in recent years – a trend that shows no signs of slowing.

The Health Sciences and Management M.Sc. programme is designed to train the next generation of these experts. In this degree programme you will acquire an array of advanced knowledge and competencies, providing you with the specialised theoretical and practical background needed for a career in the fields of health science, health promotion, preventative care and health administration. The solid scientific basis of this degree programme and the applied skills it imparts will produce highly qualified experts able to develop, implement and evaluate scientifically grounded practices of the healthcare industry.

Health Sciences and Management M.Sc. is an integrated master’s degree programme and builds upon a previously completed bachelor’s degree in a health science field. While its profile is heavily application-oriented, the programme also places particular emphasis on empirical health research, notably in terms of using empirical research methods to scientifically substantiate and optimise the practices and procedures of the healthcare industry.

Career Paths

Health Sciences and Management M.Sc. graduates will be in a prime position for careers in health sciences and in prevention, health promotion and health administration. This includes, in particular:

  • Businesses
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Communal and public healthcare services
  • Corporate health administration and associated external suppliers
  • Educational institutions (childcare centres, schools, adult education centres)
  • Health insurance providers or employers’ liability insurance associations
  • Medical consultancy
  • Medical journalism
  • Medical tourism
  • Nutrition and consumer consultancy
  • Promoting health-oriented physical activity amongst various target groups


* The degree programmes offered are suitable for part-time study in accordance with §62a HG NRW.


Place of study

Campus Kleve

Start date

Winter or summer semester



Duration of study

3 semesters of full-time studies

Study model

Full-time or part-time degree programme

Degree awarded

Master of Science

Restricted admission


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Course-specific Advise

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Prof. Dr. Robert Renner

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