Master’s programmes

Application and admission

You can apply to our masters's degree programmes in summer and winter semester.

Please submit your application online through uni-assist within the application period if you have earned your University Entrance Qualification abroad. However, if you have earned your University Entrance Qualification in Germany (e.g., a German Abitur or bachelor's degree) you can apply directly through the university's application portal.

After successful application, you will receive an applicant number. Please use this number for further communication with the university.

Please scan the following documents:

  • your bachelor’s certificate with cumGPA (or, if not yet available, your provisional certificate with final cumGPA)
  • your module handbook or a description of the courses in your undergraduate studies
  • a valid language certificate that meets the minimum language level requirement (see below)
  • where appropriate: other documentation (for example of your internship, semester abroad, essay).

You can find further information about the requirements, the application procedure for applicants with international qualifications and the application procedure for applicants with German qualifications here:


Requirements for master’s programmes

In addition to a subject related first qualifying degree (Bachelor) the following requirements must be fulfilled:

programmes taught in English cumGPA (min) * English level1
Bionics M.Sc. 2.5 C1
Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. 2.5 C1
Biological Resources M.Sc. 2,5 B2
Sustainable Development Management M.A. 2.5 B2
Economics and Finance M.Sc. 2.5 B2
Usability Engineering M.Sc. 2.5 C1
International Management and Psychology M.A. 2.0 B2
Design and Interaction M.A. 2.5 + selection procedure (see below) B2
Information Engineering and Computer Science M.Sc. 2.3 B2
Programmes taught in German cumGPA (min) * German level2
Lebensmitelwissenschaften M.Sc. 2.5 B2
Gesundheitswissenschaften und -management M.Sc. 2,5 B2

1 You can find more information about the required English certificates here:

2 You can find more information about the required German certificates here:

* according to the German grading system


Other requirements:

  • Lebensmittelwissenschaften M.Sc., Biological Resources M.Sc., Gesundheitswisschenschaften und -management M.Sc.: applicants must submit documentation of a technically relevant 20-week internship, employment in the field of studies or a semester of study abroad.
  • Admission to Design and Interaction, M.A. is granted based on the application procedure outlined in Section 3 of the examination regulations of the programme.
  • Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. and Bionics M.Sc.: applicants with qualifications obtained outside of the European Higher Education Area must additionally submit documentation of a valid TestAS Certificate in the Core-Test and Engineering Module with a standard score of 100 or better. Alternatively you can also submit a Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE, minimum score: Q = 160, V =145 und A = 4,5). 


Applicants with international qualifications

All international applicants must apply through uni-assist. You can only apply after the officially announced start date. Applications submitted by means other than uni-assist will not be considered. For more information on uni-assist and how to apply via uni-assist please click here.

The Rhine-Waal University only requires you to submit scans of your original documents to your uni-assist account. No hard copies are necessary! If your certificates or transcripts are not in German or English, you must submit an official (notarized) translation along with your originals.

Uni-assist will check your documents and qualifications to determine if you are eligible to study in Germany. If they confirm that you are, your application will be forwarded to the University for final consideration. You will then receive a letter of acceptance or rejection, by email, from the University.

You will need this letter of acceptance to apply for an entry visa to Germany (if necessary) and to enrol, in person, at the Student Advisory Service in Kleve or Kamp-Lintfort depending on your degree programme.

You are not officially a student at the University until you have completed the enrolment process in person.


Applicants with German qualifications

From the beginning of the application period on you will be able to apply to our Master's progammes. After submission of your online application through the application portal of the university, you will receive an application number. Please use this application number for any contact to the university. The admission process and the requirements depend on your qualifications. You will receive your letter of admission as soon as possible, if you fulfill the admission requirements. The letter of admission contains important information about enroling (registering) at the university.

You are not officially a student at the University until you have completed the enrolment process in person.

We wish you the best of luck with your application and look forward to seeing you here at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.