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Dear prospective student,

This page addresses questions commonly asked by our applicants. If your question is not addressed here, please send it to us using the text box of the related topic. To submit your question, please click ‘Submit form’ at the end of this page.



Process of application

Process of application

Should I send hard copies of my documents to uni-assist?

No. Please follow the steps described in the application portal.

How and when can I apply? Which application portal do I have to use?

If you did not acquire your high school/secondary school qualifications (for bachelor’s programmes) or your bachelor’s degree (for master’s programmes) in Germany (referred to as your ‘Hochschulzugangsberechtigung’), then you must apply through uni-assist. This effectively applies to all international applicants regardless of degree programme or country of origin. In this case please do not send your application to the University directly, as it will not be considered under any circumstance!

All information about application deadlines and procedures for international students.

Can I apply to more than one degree programme?

Yes, you can apply to one or more of our degree programmes through uni-assist and only need to pay the application fee once. If you are accepted into more than one programme, you can later choose which one you will enroll in or enroll in both. Please note: This might not be possible if it is a restricted study course. Please check in with us first.

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding enrolment.

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Required qualification

Required qualifications

Am I eligible to study at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences?

Since admission requirements for bachelor’s degree programmes vary by country, we are unable to provide a comprehensive list of admission requirements for all applicants. Due to the amount of messages we receive each day, please understand that we are unable to provide any pre-screening of application documents or your qualifications.

There are two ways of determining whether you are eligible to study at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. First, you can apply through uni-assist. They will compare your qualifications with the minimum entry requirements – if you meet these requirements, your application will be automatically forwarded to the University.

Second, you can consult online resources for detailed information. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers detailed overviews of admissions requirements for over two dozen countries, so please check if your country is included in the list. Another option is the Anabin database, which contains official German guidelines on the recognition of foreign academic qualifications. Unfortunately, Anabin is only available in German.

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding admission requirements or your academic qualifications.

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Command of English

Command of English

Which English language certificates does Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences accept?

For a bachelor’s degree and some master’s degrees you must meet one of the following requirements concerning English proficiency:

Level B2:

  • TOEFL (internet based test): level B2 or higher

  • IELTS (academic): level B2 or higher

For some master’s degrees you need level C1 which you can demonstrate via the following tests and scores:

  • TOEFL (internet based test): level C1 or higher

  • IELTS (academic): level C1 or higher

Please click here to see the English proficiency requirements for our master’s programmes.

Please note: these language certificates are valid for up to two years. For detailed information concerning the required scores please get in touch with us.

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding English language requirements.

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Preparatory internship

Preparatory internship

Are internships required for students?

Yes. In general, undergraduates are required to complete a minimum of two internships during their studies:

Preparatory internship (or pre-study internship): This is a short internship of at least 8-weeks, usually undertaken at a company, public authority or other for-profit/non-profit organisation. The goal of the preparatory internship is to help prepare you for your future career by giving you a first look at what it’s like to work in a job related to your studies.

Please see your programme’s examination regulations for more information, as well as Section 4 (3) of the General Examination Regulations.

Work placement (or practical semester): This is a much longer period of practical training – usually a minimum of 20 weeks full-time – and is also completed outside of the university, usually at a company, public authority or other for-profit/non-profit organisation. The work placement is usually completed in the sixth semester of study, and provides you with an opportunity to gather valuable work experience in your field and to apply your advanced theoretical knowledge in real-world situations. For many students, the work placement serves as a basis for the bachelor’s thesis, which is written in the following semester.

Please see your programme’s examination regulations for more information, as well as Section 20 of the General Examination Regulations.

As master’s programmes are only three semesters in length, they normally do not include an internship or a practical semester. Postgraduate students often decide to write their thesis in cooperation with an external organisation, however.

Do I need to complete the preparatory internship before applying?

No, but for international applicants we strongly recommend that you complete the 8-week preparatory internship before submitting an application to us. This is not a mandatory requirement, but we recommend it because you are less likely to encounter unfamiliar language or cultural barriers in your home country.

Since the preparatory internship can be broken up into parts, you can also complete it here in Germany during your studies (usually in the semester breaks). If you can’t communicate in German, however, you will most likely have more difficulty finding an internship.

The final deadline for completing the preparatory internship is the start of the fourth semester: if you haven’t completed it by this point, then you won’t be able to re-register for the semester and will lose your student status!

Where can I do the preparatory internship? What if I’ve already completed an internship?

While the exact requirements vary by programme (please refer to your examination regulations for details), generally the preparatory internship must have a clearly identifiable connection to your subject of study. That means you can complete the internship in many different companies, agencies and organisations as long as your tasks and responsibilities are somehow connected to your course curriculum.

If you have already completed an internship in a related field, you can apply for official recognition of this internship. The application includes an official form and all certificates or other proof of your internship that clearly show your work during that time.

If your application is accepted, you do not have to do a second preparatory internship. This does not affect the sixth semester work placement requirement

For specific questions about recognition of prior internships, please speak with the director of your study programme or the chair of your Faculty Examination Board.

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding the preparatory internship.

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Status of application

Status of application

I applied through uni-assist but haven’t heard anything since. When will the University notify me about my application?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say how long it will take to process an individual application. Generally the initial uni-assist phase can require up to six weeks or more. Once your application is forwarded to the University, applicants will usually receive a response within one or two weeks. You will be notified of the results of your application by email as soon as possible.

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has no direct control over your application until it is forwarded to us by uni-assist. If you have questions about your application status in uni-assist, please contact uni-assist directly.

What is the status of my application?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information on the status of your application. We kindly request that you continue to be patient and allow us sufficient time to process your application. Rest assured, we will notify you as soon as the final decision has been made.

If you have applied for a study programme with restricted admission (N.C.), you can get your reply only as part of the ongoing selection procedure. If you have applied for a study programme with open admission (not N.C.) via uni-assist and your documents were forwarded to the university, it can take up to three weeks until you are notified about the University’s final decision. Here we also kindly ask you to be patient and assure you that we will notify you as soon as possible.

Are there free places in the degree programme . . . ?

There are free places in degree programmes with open admissions if you are still able to apply online via uni-assist.

Degree programmes with limited admissions (N.C.) have a selection procedure and free places are allotted to applicants who applied during the application period. Applications submitted after 15 July (winter semester) or 15 January (summer semester) are only considered in the final random selection procedure. Please note that we cannot provide any information about the results of a selection procedure until it is completed.

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding your application status.

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I was accepted for admission but couldn’t enrol before the deadline. Can I enrol in a later semester?

No. Your admissions letter is only valid for one semester. If you are unable to enrol during that semester you will have to apply again next year.

Which documents do I need to bring with me for enrolment?

You will find all important information about enrolment in the email containing your admission letter.

Can I submit missing documents after enrolment?

You must hand in missing documents as soon as possible, otherwise your enrolment will be considered incomplete and you will not receive your student ID card. Please note the following enrolment deadlines:


Winter semester: 15 October

Summer semester: 15 April

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding enrolment.

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Semester fee

To which bank account do I need to transfer the fee?

All information is included in the (re-)registration letter, which you receive via email. You can also find it on our website under Important Forms and Deadlines.

I missed the deadline to pay the semester fee! Can I still reregister?

Yes, you can. Please immediately transfer the semester fee to the correct bank account and inform us by email that you have paid. If you re-register after the due date you will have to pay an additonal fee accotind to the Fees and Charges Statues of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. For more information, please refer to the re-registration letter, which you receive via email. You can also find it on our website under Important Forms and Deadlines.

I would like to apply for a refund of the semester fee.

Please fill in the application for a refund of the semester fee and submit it to the Study Advisory Service.

If you have already received your study certificates and student ID card, you must return them to the University as well.

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding the semester fee.

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Student ID card

Student ID card

When will I receive my student ID card?

You will receive your student ID card (which is also your SemesterTicket) after you officially enrol or re-register for the upcoming semester.

I lost my student ID card. How can I get a new one?

Please contact the Study Advisory Service to get an application form to receive a new student ID card.

There is a mistake on my student ID card. How and where can I get a new one?

Please contact the Study Advisory Service to fill in an application form for a new student ID card. Please bring your passport with you.

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding the student ID.

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Part-time Study

Part-time Study

Is it mandatory for my field of work to match my study programme?  

No, that is not the case.

More information about the part-time study option can be found on our website.

Please use this text box for any further questions regarding part-time study.

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How to find accommodation

How to find accommodation

I need help with finding accommodation. Whom can I contact?

We offer useful tips on how to find accommodation on our website.

You can also contact our Welcome Centre for more information.


Please use this text box for any further questions regarding accommodation.

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Other request

Please use this text box if you have any questions not answered above.


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