Degree Programmes

at the Faculty of Life Sciences

From marketing agricultural products, to health and body products, to the production of cosmetics, biofuels and engineering new breeds of plants – the field of life sciences is broad and varied. This same variety is reflected in the degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Life Sciences.


Please note that the handbooks of modules have not been updated since October 2021 due to the electronic conversion. The course contents of the individual modules have not been changed. If you have any questions, the course directors are available for consultation.


Bachelor’s Programmes Degree  Language
Agribusiness B.A. English
Bio Science and Health B.Sc. German
Bioengineering B.Sc. English
Qualität, Umwelt, Sicherheit und Hygiene B.Sc. German
Sustainable Agriculture B.Sc. English



Master’s Programmes



Biological Resources M.Sc. English
Health Sciences and Management M.Sc. German
Food Sciences M.Sc. German


Our broad range of degree programmes share important core elements in common: their deeply practical focus, for example. Our programmes were developed specifically to prepare students for the future challenges they’ll face in their new careers. Students are given countless opportunities to learn new and exciting things and try them out in real-world, hands-on scenarios. One example are the faculty’s ongoing national and international research projects which are actively supported by student members of the project team. 

Our programmes also share the same strong international orientation that distinguishes our faculty. Course material, for example, is always presented within a larger international context. Even our facilities are international: the Tropical Greenhouse in Kleve features plant species from around the world. We also maintain collaborative agreements with numerous institutions abroad, providing students with a wide range of interesting international opportunities for internships or semesters abroad.