Types of Degree Programmes

Dual and Part-time

The Faculty of Life Sciences offers a number of flexible study options for students who live in Germany or have lived in Germany for a prolonged period of time. Due to a number of factors, these study options are not available for international students. See the descriptions below for more information.

Dual Study

One of our degree programmes offer the possibility of combining university studies with on-the-job vocational training. We refer to this type of study as “dual study”. Students in a dual study programme spend part of their week at the university, and the rest of the week at a business or organisation where they receive on-the-job vocational training in a related field. As the training is conducted in a local German company or organisation, students must speak fluent German in order to qualify.

In order to enrol for our dual study programme, a student must also submit a valid and signed vocational work contract with a company or organisation. The university cannot help students find vocational training positions, nor provide assistance with the work contract.

For more information, please consult the Student Advisory Service. Every dual study programme follows a different timeline. Please refer to each programme’s recommended study plan.

Study part-time

Four of our Bachelor's programmes and three Master's programmes offer the possibility of studying part-time while working. This study mode is arranged for students who are already employed in a field related to the study programme. Enrolment in such part-time study programme requires a valid work contract with a German company or organisation. For more information, please consult the Student Advisory Service.