Deepen knowledge and experience health awareness - a visit of the leading international trade fair for fitness and health in Cologne

Students on the Master's degree programme in Health Sciences and Management were able to deepen their knowledge and experience future-oriented developments in the health industry at FIBO through specialist presentations on health topics and insights into current developments in the health sector.

Besuch der FIBO in Köln, Studierendengruppe in Begleitung von Heike Holtappel (wiss. Mitarbeiterin)

Physical fitness and health are of great importance in today's society and are seen as the key to a high quality of life. This has led to a change in awareness that affects all areas of life and has created strong growth potential for the fitness and health industry.

Students on the "Health Sciences and Management" Master's programme from the Faculty of Life Sciences at Rhine Waal University of Applied Sciences were able to experience this development at first hand during a visit to the leading international trade fair for fitness and health, FIBO, in Cologne. The visit was accompanied by Prof. Dr Robert Renner, Professor of Health Promotion and Nutrition and head of the Master's programme, and Heike Holtappel, research assistant at the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Here, for example, the students experienced how analysis and training methods that were previously mainly used in competitive sport are now also being offered and researched for the general health promotion of interested people. For example, the students learnt how hypoxia training, which involves exercising under conditions of oxygen deficiency, can be used in health promotion and therapy.

The students also took part in specialist lectures on current health topics. The influence of the circadian rhythm on sleep and therefore also on health, for example, was explained to the students during a specialist lecture at the trade fair. This enabled the students to deepen their knowledge and expand their skills in the field of health promotion.

"A day full of impressions peppered with valuable knowledge," said one student about her visit to FIBO.