Transfer of knowledge and technology

Rhine-Waal University stands for the active exchange between academia, companies and the public – united in the search for tomorrow’s innovations

Our Transfer Team supports the bidirectional, recursive exchange between Rhine-Waal University and companies, associations and the public. We offer and maintain a platform of exchange with the goal of strengthening the dialogue between target groups and facilitating the transfer of innovation and know-how.

At the same time, our Transfer Team also develops and implements services designed to meet our target groups’ needs. These include:

  • “Head-to-head” transfer - we are acting as an intermediary between academia and companies
  • Consulting services for inventors and patent applicants at Rhine-Waal University
  • Connecting the right contact persons to facilitate new services or research and development projects for companies
  • Supporting both students and staff of Rhine-Waal University in establishing potential (research-related) start-ups
  • Public outreach, including actively contributing to the Studium Generale lecture series
  • Organising network meetings for researchers and company representatives