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Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences understands the importance of a strong network with regional and national economies. The practical relevance deeply embedded in its degree programmes, the innovative teaching approaches in state of the art facilities, and the unique international character of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences are key components of our mission to train future generations of professionals for the (regional) labour market. By opening your doors to practical semesters, internships, projects, scholarships like the Deutschlandstipendium and thesis projects, you too can introduce yourself early to our students and recruit them for future roles within your company. But we are not only the hub between students and career opportunities, but also your first contact for planning new partnerships or research projects with Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. We provide comprehensive consulting on the many partnership opportunities available to you and can put you in touch with the right researchers directly. We look forward to working with you!

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Find skilled workers

We offer you a wide range of possibilities for your strategic recruitment and employer branding.

Internal job portal for students: Connect with future full-time employees, student employees or interns

Through our internal job portal (accessible only by Rhine-Waal students) you can advertise internship opportunities, entry-level positions, thesis opportunities, scholarships, part-time jobs and career expos at no charge. Our students and graduates are part of the next generation of specialists and they are always keen to find opportunities to gather work experience or get their foot in the corporate door.

Company visits: Introduce your company to students

If your company is looking to recruit specialists in specific areas or degree programmes, consider arranging a company visit.  Company visits allow you to introduce your company, its employees and past and current projects directly to select groups of students.

Practical projects: Innovative solution development

Practical projects are special opportunities for students and companies to work together on a specific task or problems that the company is struggling with.  While students gather valuable work and team experience, companies benefit from the project results: innovative solutions and streamlined processes.

On-campus events: Sign up your company

Companies and organisations can participate in a variety of on-campus networking events to not only recruit potential future employees, but also discover new collaborative opportunities with Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

Dual Studies 

The idea of dual studies is to combine theory and practice in such a way that students and companies benefit equally. From the companies' point of view, this results in the following advantages of dual study programmes:

  • Early promotion of qualified junior staff
  • Retention of future skilled workers already during their studies
  • Targeted personnel planning, reduction of costs for personnel recruitment and training
  • Linking of practice-oriented application and theory
  • Motivation and resilience of students is often above average

Overview of dual study programmes and contact persons in the faculties.

Deutschlandstipendium - Meet and recruit your future employees

The Deutschlandstipendium is a merit-based scholarship for the best students at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. The scholarship is awarded to students of excellence with top marks who are also active in the community, or take on leadership roles, or who persevere in their education despite social, family-related or personal hardships. The goal is to aid tomorrow’s top professionals early on and help them build their network today. Sponsors are given the chance to meet and win over our brightest and most talented students. In many areas suffering from shallow talent pools, this can be a windfall for your company's recruitment efforts. Once a year at our annual scholarship dinner, your company will also have the chance to meet other faces at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences and expand your network even further. For more information, please visit this page

Connecting you with the right person

Where necessary, we can also put you in touch with other people and units at the University, primarily in research and administrative areas.



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