Inventions and patents

On this page you will find information and useful links regarding inventions and intellectual property rights.

Protection of inventions

Scientific work and research projects often lead to inventions with great innovative potential and possible industrial applications. Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences aims to support you in better identifying, evaluating and protecting your inventions. Intellectual property rights protect your ideas, strengthen your scientific profile and increase your chances of attracting third-party funds.

In co-operation with PROvendis GmbH, the central patent marketing agency of the universities and research organisations in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Centre for Research, Innovation and Transfer provides valuable information, support and advice to ensure that your ideas and inventions are handled in the best possible way, from the drawing board to full implementation.


Obligations of inventors and employers

Relevant German law on employee inventions (Arbeitnehmererfindungsgesetz; ArbNErfG) states that the employees of a university of applied sciences are obligated to report any invention to their employer (§ 5 ArbNErfG).

In return, the university is obligated to register the invention as intellectual property (either as a patent or a utility model) and give 30% of proceeds to the inventor. 


Requirements for a patent

To be eligible for a patent, your invention

  • must be new
  • must be the result of inventive activity
  • must be industrially applicable.

To avoid jeopardising your claims to intellectual property rights for your invention, you must not present your invention to the public prior to filing your patent application.


Have you invented something?

Refer to the Downloads section for the image “Von der Erfindung zum Patent”, which outlines the next steps in the process.

You can find the appropriate form (“Erfindungsmeldung”) in the QM-Portal in our intranet.

Please also see our FAQ for answers to many additional questions.




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