Study Orientation Weeks at the Faculty of Society and Economics 2024


In addition to courses in the fields of communication & environment, technology & bionics and life science, the Rhein Waal University of Applied Sciences also offers subjects in the area of society and economy.

In times of social media and various international and social crises, the focus on people and our coexistence is more important than ever. The Faculty of Society and Economics, as the largest faculty at HSRW, deals with these aspects in various areas. We focus on interpersonal issues, which are dealt with in the Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Childhood Education, Sustainable Tourism or Gender & Diversity.

In addition, we also offer business administration (Bachelor of Arts International Business and Management), tax law (Bachelor of Arts International Taxation & Law) and internationally oriented courses (Bachelor of Arts International Relations) that will help you to gain a foothold in your future professional life . Particular attention is paid to taking into account the changing times and keeping up to date with every course of study.


Program on Faculty Day (January 18)


Are you interested in people, economics or international relations? Join us today to find out which programme at the Faculty of Society & Economics is right for you! You can find out about our programmes in a relaxed atmosphere over coffee and biscuits. In our Info-Café you will also meet our Programme Managers, who will be happy to give you a detailed overview of the programmes.

When? 15:00-17:00

Where? Building 2 / 2. Floor