International Relations, B.A.

Globalisation, new degrees of cultural and economic integration, the growing importance of an international perspective in companies and organisations, increased mobility – these factors and more are generating a new, broader appreciation of international relations among all levels of society. At the same time, the field of international relations is growing ever more complex and requires a new breed of specialists with an international and transnational perspective, as well as profound theoretical and methodological know-how.

Our International Relations bachelor’s programme produces graduates who can best meet these complex requirements. The highly interdisciplinary programme weaves together a range of complex subject areas – political science, economics, law, social sciences and research methods – which provides you with a sound theoretical basis. At the same time, you’ll acquire key methodological competencies for research and career contexts. This profound knowledge enables graduates to not only conduct sophisticated, expert analyses of current and future international relations, but also develop effective strategies and approaches to questions and issues in the field.

Our curriculum continually emphasises applied learning, which is reflected in the many small group exercises and projects where you’ll focus on the current developments and challenges in the field on both a national and a global level. At the same time, you’ll develop important managerial and interpersonal soft skills which will help prepare you for communication in complex business environments. Students are required to undertake multiple internships and/or a semester abroad in the field of international relations, which means they leave our university with demonstrable, practical experience already featured prominently on their C.V.

During your studies you‘ll have access to the latest publications from a variety of scientific fields as well as modern research facilities for actively exploring related topics. What‘s more, this programme is taught entirely in English, which enables you to develop a near-native command of professional terminology and phraseology, while fostering your ability to think and express yourself in an international context. Language courses in a variety of languages are also open to students at no extra fee, which allows you to enhance your professional profile with additional language abilities, and helps distinguish you even further from other graduates in the field.

Course Structure

In total, the standard duration of study for this course is seven semesters. The first semester is focused on the general knowledge and basic concept and theories to lay down the foundation for the coming study. The second semester is accented on the politics and economics of regional integration, especially the European Union. The third semester would stretch to the global level and dive into security, development and governance issues.

This knowledge base is reinforced in the fourth and fifth semesters with additional modules. You’ll also select your elective modules in this semester and thus define the emphasis of your studies.

The sixth semester is reserved for the semester-long internship or a semester abroad at a foreign university or other approved educational institute. Please click on 'PDF-Internships Selection, International Relations, B.A.' (Download area) to get an overview of our students' and alumni internship organisations.

Finally, in the seventh semester, you’ll develop and write your bachelor’s thesis. Additional modules in this semester will support you along the way by refining your scientific writing abilities and giving you additional practical research opportunities. We highly encourage our students to develop practically-relevant theses, for example in collaboration with the private sector. Here we can actively help you find and set up a collaborative partnership with a suitable company or organisation.

Career Paths

Globalisation and regional integration of political, economic and cultural systems have led to a sharp increase in the importance of international issues in many careers. This is driving demand for highly-trained specialists in international relations in positions in government, the private sector and non-governmental organisations worldwide.

The International Relations programme equips you with expert analytical, methodological and research-related skills, an excellent command of English as well as valuable and extensive experience in intercultural group interaction and project management. These qualifications will put you in a strong position to take advantage of the growing demand for specialists in international relations and find a meaningful career in many internationally-active fields, sectors and organisations.

Potential areas of employment for graduates are:

  • Government institutions, public administration and parliamentary organisations
  • International organisations and regional organisations
  • Consulting agencies, political foundations
  • Journalism, public relations, market research, public opinion polling
  • Associations, political parties and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Political education, adult education and coaching
  • Multinational corporations
  • Development cooperation
  • Science and research institutes

This degree programme also qualifies you for a master’s programme in Germany or abroad. Your career prospects can be improved additionally by your choice of internships.

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Head of Degree Programme:

Prof. Dr. Alexander Brand
Professor of Political Science with a focus on International Relations


Place of study

Campus Kleve

Start date

Winter semester



Duration of study

7 semesters of full-time study

Study model

Full-time studies

Degree awarded

Bachelor of Arts


Mandatory 8-week preparatory internship/work placement. This must be completed no later than the 4th semester enrolment deadline.

Restricted admission


When to Apply

Actual information on the application process can be found under Application and Admission.

Online-Application via uni-assist

Our undergraduate programmes start only in the winter semester. Applications are accepted between May and July.


Regulations of the study programme

Examination Regulation International Relations, B.A. (for students starting at WS 2019/20) not yet availbale in english, see german version

Examination Regulation International Relations, B.A. (for students starting studies until SS 2019)


Team of International Relations

Prof. Dr. Alexander Brand

Prof. Dr. Jakob Lempp

Prof. Dr. Corinne Lohre

Prof. Dr. John Henry Dingfelder Stone

Dr. Jan Niklas Rolf