Degree Programmes

The Faculty of Society and Economics is motivated by the social and economic challenges of the 21st century: from energy and resource scarcity; to the digital reshaping of societies; to ongoing demographic shifts and strategies for competitiveness in an increasingly globalised world. On our campus in Kleve, students delve deep into these challenges and more in our degree programmes, which weave together culture, science, industry and region to produce a strongly interdisciplinary and application-oriented education.

Internationality is of the Highest Importance

The ability to study at an accredited German university in English attracts students from all over the world. New students have the unique opportunity to not only learn about and explore German culture, but literally dozens of other cultures as well. The Faculty of Society and Economics alone is home to students from over 60 countries. This allows us to offer a rich, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary environment where students gain both profound theoretical knowledge and methodology, as well as effective strategies for team management at an international level. We also co-operate closely with a number of leading international universities and institutions to provide our students and graduates with unique opportunities to develop key skills and competencies.

For us at the Faculty of Society and Economics, internationality is of the highest importance.