International Taxation and Law, B.A.

Globalisation has ushered in an age of unprecedented interconnectedness between nations, fundamentally altering many areas of society in the meantime. This change is extremely evident, for example, in national tax systems and related law. For companies, tax and legislative authorities, international taxation has become an important issue with far-reaching implications. Thus, in order to understand and appreciate the topic of taxation and law within a global context, this degree programme uses a dedicated international approach to material, tackling a range of issues related to both national and international taxation and law.

In the early stages of this degree programme, you’ll acquire thorough knowledge of national fiscal law, particularly in the fields of income tax laws, procedural law and commercial taxation. In later stages, your knowledge base will expand to advanced topics in international taxation and law, for example bilateral agreements and supranational law, which are critically examined and discussed with respect to their supporting legal framework. Graduates are able to identify and evaluate sophisticated tax issues both in terms of economics and law, as well as develop appropriate, real-world solution concepts, particularly in the following areas:

  • Transfer pricing
  • Controlled foreign corporate legislation
  • Double taxation conventions
  • International tax planning

At the same time, the programme is also dedicated to exploring the logical interconnection between business administration, law and general economics. Thus this programme interweaves a solid theoretical foundation, a practical orientation that incorporates real-world issues, and a cross-discipline, internationally-focused study of taxation and law. This rigorous programme produces graduates who are qualified and able to make their way in a challenging, yet lucrative job market, or continue their studies in a consecutive master’s programme. 

The programme is taught in English, which allows you to refine your overall proficiency and develop not only effective business communication skills, but also an excellent command of English tax and finance terminology, boosting your employability in the international job market.

Course Structure

In total, the standard duration of study for this course is seven semesters. In the first three semesters, students acquire fundamental knowledge in disciplines connected to international relations, in particular political science and economics, while also developing their analytical and research-related capacities.

This knowledge base is reinforced in the fourth and fifth semesters with additional modules, which aim to provide students with a deeper understanding of the acquired material. You’ll also select your elective modules in this semester and thus define the emphasis of your studies.

The sixth semester is reserved for the semester-long internship or a semester abroad at a university or other approved tertiary education institution outside of Germany. This semester gives you the opportunity to gather practical experience and/or add further emphasis to their degree specialisation.

Finally, in the seventh semester, you’ll develop and write your bachelor’s thesis after developing an appropriate topic. We highly encourage our students to develop practically-relevant theses, for example in collaboration with the private sector or a public institution. We can actively help you find and set up a collaborative partnership for your thesis.


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Head of Degree Programme:

Professor Dr. Norbert Dautzenberg
Professor of General Business Administration and Taxation

Programme Coordinator:

Dipl.-Ök. Rebekka Schult
Scientific Staff

Office: 02 02 012

Consultation hours only by appointment


Place of study

Campus Kleve

Start date

Winter semester



Duration of study

7 semesters of full-time study

Study model

Full-time studies

Degree awarded

Bachelor of Arts


Mandatory 8-week preparatory internship/work placement. This must be completed no later than the 4th semester enrolment deadline.

Restricted admission


When to Apply

Actual information on the application process can be found under Application and Admission.

Online-Application via uni-assist

Our undergraduate programmes start only in the winter semester. Applications are accepted between May and July.


Regulations of the study programme

Examination Regulations International Taxation and Law, B.A.