Career Path International Relations B.A.

Due to the increasing regional and global networking of political, economic and cultural areas, there is a growing demand for well-educated, multi-prospective graduates. The interdisciplinary study content as well as the development of intercultural competence already during the study,  open up a wide range of professional activities, e.g. in the following areas:

  • Local, regional, national government institutions, public administration and parliaments
  • International organizations
  • Political and business consulting
  • Journalism, public relations, market and opinion research
  • Associations, parties, foundations and NGOs
  • Cross-border companies
  • Human Resources, Start-Ups, Lobbying
  • Science and Research

By a specific assignment of certain elective courses and practical projects, you can raise your profile in terms of a desired career field.

Student comments

Patrycja Piękniewska

"After graduation (April 2018) I did not have to wait long to get my first “embassy call”: In June (2018) I received a phone call from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Warsaw, Poland, offering me an interview. After several appointments and language tests, I was approved and offered the highly responsible position of the Assistant to the Ambassador."