Psychology Labs

Our purpose-built laboratories are equipped with sophisticated research technologies to support teaching as well as the work of the research groups and individuals.


  • More than 170 psychological tests.
  • Common psychological test to measure e.g. intelligence and tests to examine aspects of Industrial and Organizational Psychology like emotional stress at the work place.
  • Hardware to collect experimental data or to analyse collected data by means of experiments or field studies (computers and headphones, microphones, webcams, stopp watches, dictaphones) and software like E-Prime, TAP‐M‐Software, SPSS and MAXQDA.
  • Physiological measurement tools to measure physiological indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Mobile eye-trackers to measure eye-gaze behaviour.
  • Cameras for video recording.
  • Technical equipment to collect qualitative and/or quantitative data.
  • Training materials, group exercises, simulations and case studies.
  • Room with one-way mirror for behavioural testing.