All our modern laboratories and workshops are equipped with the latest technology. They do not only enhance the learning experience of our students but also address the needs of industry. Often in collaboration with industrial and government organizations, our students and staff benefit from state-of-the-art equipment when developing and testing innovative solutions.

Media Labs

In our Media Labs students benefit from the latest technologies when working on their projects. They get familiar with virtual reality and augmented reality environments and can explore high-tech equipment like Virtual Reality-, Augmented Reality- und Mixed Reality glasses  like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive und Microsoft HoloLens. We also provide a VR motion platform and professional motion capture systems.

Psychology Labs

Our purpose-built laboratories are equipped with sophisticated research technologies to support teaching as well as the work of the research groups and individuals.


Our Laboratory for Computational Intelligence and Visualization allows students to work in the fields of simulation, data visualization and artificial intelligence by using state-of -the-art equipment. We focus on Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning in the context of artificial intelligence but also examine scientific animations and 3D modelling processes in relation to laser scanners (indoor and outdoor) and drones.

E-Government Lab

Our E-Government Lab is an ideal place to cooperate with administration, industry or business representatives in developing modern information and communication technology to improve the quality and accessibility of public services, lower the costs for companies and public authorities and revolutionize the efficiency and transparency of administrative processes.