Lab Network

The Lab3 concept acts as umbrella term for the activities of three new and exciting working groups within the University: the Earth Observation Lab (EO Lab), the Drone Lab, and the Internet of Things Lab (IoT Lab). Although the three working groups have different areas of expertise, they act symbiotically. The labs actively seek to transfer knowledge and skills both between groups and across the wider University network.

Internet of Things Lab

The IoT Lab focusses on the implementation of wireless sensor networks, which can act as an invaluable source of validation data for the work of both the EO-Lab and the Drone-Lab. These sensor networks are applicable to a wide-range of real-world scenarios such as monitoring of soil moisture over a large area and automation of greenhouses.



Earth Observation Lab

The EO-Lab focusses on the growing field of Earth Observation, primarily through the use of remote sensing. The activities of the EO-Lab operate across many scales of analysis, using data collected from a diverse array of sensors including satellites, aircraft, unmanned aerial system (“drones”) and in situ observations.



Drone Lab

The Drone Lab works closely with the EO-Lab in the field of unmanned aerial systems research. Through their on-campus test facility, the Drone-Lab is able to work towards improving pilot skills, and on the design and construction of innovative new systems.