Information and Communication Design, B.A.

Sharks and Humans

Sharks and Humans is a research-based, multi-faceted look at the great white shark that questions existing myths and images of it as a highly efficient predator and notorious Hollywood antagonist. At the same time, it raises awareness of its often underestimated social behaviour and its status as an endangered species.


»Altr« is an online construction kit for wristwatches. The work includes the business idea, the product design, the online editor and the website.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust is based on Julian Peschel’s interest in geography in general as well as cartography and topography in particular. The aesthetics of satellite imagery of volcanoes initiated the idea to focus on volcanism in its various manifestations. 


CALEO is the reinterpretation of a candle. The product design fills the gap between high-end table lamps and vaporisers. Nico Schröder also designed a suitable packaging and branding. 

Choice Overload

Decision-Making in Times of Plenty: A book about unlimited possibilities and excessive demands, about freedom both as a blessing as well as a curse. A bachelor thesis by Saskia Rühmkorf.

Corus – Music for the hearing impaired

The idea behind »Corus« is to create a necklace that enables people who are deaf or hard of hearing to experience music through vibration. Apiwat Anuntrachartwong developed the design of the product and its packaging as well as its name and branding.

#isso #mussso

Jenny Lüde edited, wrote and designed a comprehensive book that tries to find reasons for the fascination and mystification of body modifications

Kamp-Lintfort Identity

As part of a competition, students of the fourth semester developed a new logotype and identity for the town of Kamp-Lintfort. The competition was organised in close cooperation with political and administrative authorities. Rhine-Waal University students developed 24 different design concepts.


“Kopfmalerei” (Multi-Sensory Experiences) is a book on synesthesia. Janine Bayer, a synestete herself, summarises the current state of research on this psychological phenomenon, explains what synesthesia is and how colourful words look to her.


Katharina Kley-Steverding developed an exciting website about our solar system as part of her bachelor thesis. She concentrated on the findings of various experts and collected information from numerous scientific publications as well as various websites but avoided the use of classical images of the solar system.


Sounds of Nature

The students Beatricie Gutu and Eugeniu Gorceag explored the terms energy, frequency and vibration in an artistic way and realised an experimental short film and soundscape.

New identity for the city of wesel

As part of a competition, students developed a new logotype and identity for the City of Wesel. The 36 partcipants handed in 35 concepts. The project was carried out in close cooperation with the city's officials.

Storm Systems

By creating printed 3D models of cyclones, an ephemeral moment in time is frozen into something sculptural and beautiful that can actually be touched and seen as a three-dimensional form. The 3D models are accompanied by an info booklet which provides basic information on the topic, the storms that were chosen and the realisation process of the modelling and printing.


The project is geared towards a toy system design consisting of pieces that can be randomly placed, arranged, built or connected – just to one’s taste. This way it fosters free, unstructured, and imaginative play. The scope of the project includes product design, branding, animation, and packaging design.