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A Book on Body Modifications by Jenny Lüde

Jenny Lüde edited, wrote and designed a comprehensive book that tries to find reasons for the fascination and mystification of body modifications.

»Our everyday routines and standards are changing perpetually. Everything around us including our perceptions and possibilities is processing into an unknown future. Considering that we can design almost everything around us, it is unrealistic to believe that our bodies will remain natural and unmodified. Body-modifications are the result and the reflection of the modern world, of unlimited possibilities and of a loss of orientation and personal boundaries.«



Book design by Jenny Lüde

120 g/sm natural paper

xerography, letterpress, silkscreen

sewn binding in different thread-colours

170 x 245 mm closed format


Supervising Professor

Professor Jörg Petri

Email: joerg.petri@hochschule-rhein-waal.de