Bachelor’s Thesis by Nico Schröder

CALEO is the reinterpretation of a candle. The product design fills the gap between high-end table lamps and vaporisers. It can be classified as a home accessory and is designed to enhance the sense of well-being. Nico Schröder also designed a suitable packaging and branding. The strong concept of both, packaging and branding, is reduced to black and white, which emphasizes the idea of contrast such as old and new or bright and dark.


Nico Schröder

Bachelor’s Thesis

winter semester 2016/17



1st Supervisor:

Prof. Michael Pichler

2nd Supervisor:

Christian Stindl



DDC, Gute Gestaltung 2019

(University Award)

iF Design iF Design Talent

Award 2018

Adobe Awards 2018


ADC Junior Wettbewerb 2018