News - 4th International HSRW Football Cup


Last Thursday the Hochschulsport organized the 4th International HSRW Football Cup.
14 Teams registrated for this event.

Following Nations participated:

  • Egypt
  • BeChiPal (Belarus, China, Pakistan, Nepal)
  • Brasil
  • Gemany
  • East & South Africa
  • India
  • Kamerun
  • Latino Espana
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria

It was a spectacular happening of the sport of soccer with more than 250 spectators
The teams were cheering for each other and the games were played in a very fair manner.

In the end Germany was able to finally win the trophy for the first time in four years.

Kamerun for sure was the team with the biggest crowd of fans and the most raging passion on and off the field.

The referee, students themselves, did a great job. 
The Asta assured, that the players had enough energy to play supplying food and drinks.

It was a great day not to be forgotten for a long time.

The Hochschulsport wants to thank everybody, who took part or helped organizing. We especially want to thank Andrej Kornelsen for making it possible.