News - Tai Chi und Qigong


You want to do a whole new sport? Try something different? Then this chinese inner martial art could be an asset to you! In the following sport, one or more so-called forms are usually clearly circumscribed sequences, usually flowing into one another. The forms often represent the fight against an imaginary opponent.

After the black belt in karate and judo, I turned to kung fu. In the meantime, I've been giving classes for 25 years and am the main lecturer of the European umbrella organization. I was allowed to learn Ti Chi and Qigong from a Chi master and I am an official Chi healer. A chi healer does not use tai chi and qigong for martial arts, but only for meditating and allowing the chi to flow so that it can help others.

Tai Chi (Taiji) is originally a Chinese martial art. However, we use it to improve health and as meditation. Tai Chi promotes natural functions in the body and helps to balance your mind.

While practicing

Tai Chi focuses on the feeling and relaxation of the body. This leads to more body awareness, balance and a better attitude. The sport is not a therapy but can sometimes be therapeutic. The focus of the lesson is on learning and practicing the 'form'. This is a solid series of soft movements. It supports your health with various ailments such as stress, insomnia, mental and spiritual ailments, physical exhaustion, rheumatic complaints, concentration problems, RSI, shoulder discomfort, back pain, whiplash, burn-out, CFS etc.

And it is fun!