International Affairs

This page is a growing set of resources for incoming and outgoing international exchange students at the Faculty of Technology and Bionics of the HSRW. This page is updated regularly, so check back often for new information.

Current situation (March and April 2020)

Currently, we offer our office hours via Skype. Please contact the academic exchange coordinator of the faculty, Mrs Doris Gerland, for an appointment: ftb-intl[at]

Further information about deadlines and applications can be found on the webpages of the international center:

Academic Calendar

There will soon be a link here to an eBook which will provide all of the information you need to make informed decisions about your studies in Engineering or Science Communication


This section will include information relevant to students coming to visit the HSRW from other institutions to do undergraduate (bachelor) level courses. If you are planning to come for a masters level exchange semester, please see the bottom of the page for contact information for the Internationalisation Officer.


These links will eventually lead to pages with new links so you can drill down directly to the information you need, but for the moment, they're just static PDFs.

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechatronic Systems Engineering (SE)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EL)

Industrial Engineering (IE)

Biomaterials Science (BMS)

Science Communication and Bionics (SCB) - scroll down the document to the tables at the end

The abbreviations in these documents are as follows:

HPW Hours per week

CP ECTS Credit Points

V Lecture

S Seminar

Ü Exercise

Pra Laboratory

Pro Project

WS Winter Semester

SS Summer Semester

FT Full time


These links will help you to design a timetable that you can actually make work. Note that the timetables are designed to avoid clashes within each semester of each degree, which is how home students usually work through their degrees. As incoming students often need to mix and match to find suitable courses to match to those at their home universities, scheduling can be a challenge. All combinations will not be possible, so check carefully.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Biomaterials Science

Science Communication & Bionics

Module Descriptions

Each module (course) has an official description (syllabus). The various learning outcomes and topics that are to be addressed by the teaching staff in the module are listed here, along with some helpful resources. These should be useful for incoming students and their advisors to decide on appropriate equivalences between universities.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Biomaterials Science

Science Communication and Bionics

Theses at HSRW

Final year project or thesis research can be undertaken at HSRW as part of an exchange. There are special rules, so please contact us well in advance of your visit. Note it is not possible to take the "Colloquium" module.

Examination Periods

There are four periods of examinations in the Faculty of Technology and Bionics. The principal periods are in February and July, with secondary opportunities to catch up on a few other exams in September and sometimes March. Examinations are usually scheduled in the examination period immediately following the course. Many, but not all exams are offered as well in the other semester - check with your instructor to be sure.

Homework and Term Papers

Some courses are not assessed with examinations at all. In these courses, the professor can choose instead to assign a set of homework or a term paper. Deadlines may vary, and can be any time in the semester, up to the last day, namely the 31st of August or 28th of February. It is not typically necessary for visiting students to stay in Kleve after the official examination period, but if you take a course which is assessed in this way, make sure to check with the instructor about physical presence requirements.

Contact Info

For further information about visiting HSRW as an exchange student, please contact us on ftb-intl at

Internationalisation Officer: Prof Dr William Megill

Academic Exchange Coordinator: Doris Gerland