Go Abroad: Outgoing exchanges

Semester abroad for HSRW students

Important note: Please see the current application deadlines for a study abroad semester or internship abroad. 

Students who would like to spend a study abroad semester should check our Studying Abroad Timeline. This document shows the steps to follow before going abroad.

The Centre for Internationalisation and Languages will regularly send the calls for application by email to all students (each year in April for the summer semester of the following academic year and in December for the winter semester of the following academic year; please see application deadlines above).

Internships abroad within Europe (Erasmus+): For the application it is necessary to submit a written confirmation of the internship issued by the host company (including signature of the responsible person, stamp, start and end date of the internship). Please also find more information about the Erasmus+ program.

Gaining intercultural and international experience – whether at a university or a company – has become an important part of many students’ academic careers. Students are better for it, because a semester abroad can be a life-changing experience.

That’s one of the reasons why students at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences are highly encouraged to spend their practical semester abroad (usually the sixth semester). To that end, we maintain close partnerships with universities within Europe and all over the world, in Spain, the Netherlands, the US, China, Russia and more. Our large network of partners gives students a broad selection of institutions and destinations to choose from. To help make the best choice for each student, the Centre for Internationalisation and Languages is always ready and willing to help with planning a semester abroad.

Your faculty’s international coordinator is an important contact person when it comes to planning and going through with your semester abroad. Your coordinator will help you apply for recognition of credits earned abroad and is responsible for signing your official Learning Agreement.

International Coordinators by faculty:

Technology and Bionics: Prof Dr William Megill, Contact: Doris Gerland
Life Sciences: Prof Dr Matthias Kleinke, Contact: Björn Flockau
Society and
Prof Dr Philipp Schorn, Contact: Dr. Anne Tempel
Communication and
Prof Dr Rolf Becker, Contact: Prof Dr Waltraud Kofer