Study Abroad Semester

Important note: Please see the current application deadlines. 

Our research, academics and teaching are deeply international and interdisciplinary by nature, because all of our professors and students recognise the importance of intercultural experience. Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences is constantly cultivating and expanding its relationships to other universities and institutions across the entire spectrum of international scientific institutions. Our efforts produce many different possibilities for a semester abroad for students and teaching staff.

Expand your horizon

Improve your language skills, explore new cultures and grow as a person – expand your horizon! There are countless motivations for studying abroad. As globalisation takes root in countries and cultures worldwide, a skilled understanding of other cultures becomes a valuable and necesssary qualification to have. Students with experience abroad display a unique sense of courage, adaptability, self-sufficiency and flexibility – attributes that all prospective employers are looking for. Your experience abroad will be a defining moment in your life and shape you as a person, and often provide you with a budding network of international contacts that can prove very useful in the future.

The first steps

Early preparation for your semester abroad is essential for success. We highly recommend that you begin planning at least one year in advance. Online research is often the best way to start, for example on the DAAD’s website, where you’ll find testimonials from other students who have gone abroad. Honest reflection is crucial when choosing your destination: are your language skills good enough to manage a stay at your desired destination? What is the focus of your studies and how can you incorporate it into your semester abroad?

The Application

  • Twice a year the international center announces available slots for a study abroad program with our partner universities (Erasmus-program within Europe and worldwide partners)
  • The Announcement including the application form is sent to all students of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences by e-mail. The application is done via MOveON. The corresponding application link can be found in the announcement.
  • If there are more applications than slots available, a selection process will take place.  The selection criteria includes your grade point average, your motivation letter as well as any relevant language skills.

There are many approaches to going abroad. You can take charge of the application process yourself and apply to the university of your choice on your own (as a ‘free mover’). In this case, you would be completely responsible for organising and financing your stay.

Other important planning considerations:

  • Do I need an entry visa for the country where I’ll be studying? Visa applications often require at least four months for processing.
  • Will the credits I earn abroad be recognised by Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences?
  • How can I finance my stay abroad?
  • Which types of insurance are necessary (health, liability or accident insurance)?
  • Where will I stay? Which accommodations are available?

The International Center is happy to advise you during your planning for a semester or placement abroad. Please don’t hesitate to come by during our semester abroad consultation hours.