2. Financing

Funding rate Student Mobility (SM)

The financial sponsorship of Erasmus+ stays of students is guided by the different living expenses in the target countries (“Programme Countries”).

Starting in 2014, Europe wide the following minimum rates for Student Mobility for Studies (SMS) are valid for the three country groups:

  • Group 1 (monthly 250 Euro): Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Austria, and Sweden.
  • Group 2 (monthly 200 Euro): Belgium, Greece, Island, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Cyprus.
  • Group 3 (monthly 150 Euro): Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Former Yugoslavian Republic Macedonia, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Erasmus+ interns receive at least 100 € additionally per month, which means 350 € in group 1, 300 € in group 2 and 250 € in group 3.

Funding rate Staff Mobility (ST)

The financial sponsorship of Erasmus + mobility arrangements for teaching purposes or for further and advanced training is guided by the different living expenses in the target countries (“Programme countries”). Uniform daily rates are valid for the sponsorship through German universities.

Since the project year of 2014, for the four country groups the following set daily rates are valid until the 14th day of stay and from the 15th until the 60th day of stays the sponsorship amounts to 70% of the indicated daily rates:

  • Group 1: 160 Euro daily for Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherland, Sweden
  • Group 2: 140 Euro daily for Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Greece, Island, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Poland, Rumania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus
  • Group 3: 120 Euro daily for Germany (Incoming), Latvia, Malta, Former Yugoslavian Republic Macedonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain
  • Group 4: 100 Euro daily for Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia

Additional to the daily rates accrue travel costs depending on the real distance between origin and destination of mobility which are calculated European wide through a calculation instrument.

The following amounts will be refunded per stay and depending on the distance:

  • 100 km – 499 km with 180 Euro
  • 500 km – 1.999 km with 275 Euro
  • 2.000 km – 2.999 km with 360 Euro
  • 3.000 km – 3.999 km with 530 Euro
  • 4.000 km – 7.999 km with 820 Euro
  • 8.000 km and above with 1.100 Euro