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Theme day 'Ukraine' at the Faculty of Society and Economics on March 23, 2022 on the campus in Kleve

The members of the Faculty of Society and Economics at HSRW are also appalled by the invasion of Ukraine. On March 23, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. (Campus Kleve, Lecture Hall Center Building 01, Room EG 005), scientists with different specialist focuses will discuss their different perspectives on the current situation in Ukraine with the students. The scientific discussions and lectures (in English) are also open to interested parties outside the university.


Sustainable Development Management in practice: Student Luisa Desch does her applied project in sustainable development at Social Business Kaffeekoop GmbH in Rwanda

In the degree programme Sustainable Development Management M.A. students learn how to translate complex theory into action. Luisa Desh, who is in her second semester of the degree programme, demonstrated this process during an exciting and instructive internship at the German-African Social Business Kaffeekoop GmbH. Her internship included not only hands-on work in the coffee fields together with the co-op’s female farmers, but also behind-the-scenes administrative tasks in sales and marketing, providing deep insight into work at a social business.   


Reactions to the crisis in Eastern Europe

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences wishes to show solidarity with those affected by the situation in Ukraine. Dr Oliver Locker-Grütjen has expressed his deep sympathy. Read more


Current Scientific Publications


Praxiswerkstatt im Studiengang Nachhaltiger Tourismus, B.A.

Bereits zum neunten Mal in Folge fand im Wintersemester die sogenannte „Praxiswerkstatt“ statt. Hier sollen die Studierenden im dritten Semester im Studiengang Nachhaltiger Tourismus, B.A. ihr bislang erlerntes theoretisches Wissen zum ersten Mal praktisch einsetzen, sich selbst im Team organisieren und lernen, mit Auftrageber*innen umzugehen.


Public Lecture "EU and Central Asia Relations"

On 1 February 2022, Prof. Dr. Jakob Lempp, Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy, and Professor at the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences, delivered a Public Lecture on "EU and Central Asia Relations".


Alumni-Portraits - Early Childhood Education, B.A.

One degree programme, but dozens of career opportunities! For the latest Alumni Portraits, we interviewed Gina Zanichelli and Robin Tesch, who both graduated in Early Childhood Education.


Studierende im Studiengang Nachhaltiger Tourismus, B.A. präsentieren ihre Ideen zum nachhaltigen Veranstaltungsmanagement

Im Rahmen des Kurses Nachhaltiges Veranstaltungsmanagements im Studiengang Nachhaltiger Tourismus, B.A. präsentierten mehr als 50 Studierende ihre Ideen zur Implementierung nachhaltiger Strategien in Tourismus- und Veranstaltungswirtschaft. Dabei ging es um die Erstellung und Vermittlung nachhaltiger Angebote in regionalen Zoos, auf heimischen Musikfestivals, der Stadtentwicklung oder für lokale Messebauer.


Sustainable Tourism students present their business ideas

From a camping app to ideas for plastic reduction in the tourism sector to proposed solutions for the numerous stone and gravel front gardens - around 50 students from the Sustainable Tourism course presented numerous start-up ideas as part of the "Business Start-up and Financing" module.


From the Lower Right to Nairobi: The Future Engineers School inspires young women for the world of engineering

In late 2021, 30 young technology enthusiasts from the Kenya High School in Nairobi took part in Rhine-Waal University’s first digital workshop series. Joining the livestream hosted on the Lower Rhine in Germany, the young women in Kenya learned about how machine components are produced, how the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation work, and how to build their own soft robots. More


Upcoming Events

11/29/22   6:00 pm

The municipal violence protection concept of the city of Kleve - on the way to more freedom from violence.

Guest lecture by Yvonne Tertilte-Rübo, equal opportunity commissioner for the city of Kleve

Campus Kleve

In her guest lecture, Yvonne Tertilte-Rübo presents the municipal violence protection concept of the city of Kleve - a milestone in the fight against violence against women, LGBTQI* and other vulnerable groups in the Lower Rhine region. After the Kleve City Council passed a resolution to this effect in December 2021, Yvonne Tertilte Rübo was commissioned to develop a municipal violence protection concept. The concept will be integrated into the new urban development concept and will define goals and criteria, guidelines for action and measures.

Upcoming Events

11/28/22   10:00 am

DoA3: Workshop by Dr. Prasad Reddy

I see, what you don't see: Universities are not Zones devoid of Racism/Discrimination

Campus Kleve

How do I deal with prejudice, power and ideologies of superiority and inferiority of myself and others? This involves, among other things, not only interpreting "cultural frames", but also looking at various other potentially discriminatory factors such as gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, mental and physical challenge, etc.

11/28/22   5:00 pm

Opening Event – Days of Antidiscrimination 2022

Keynote and Discussion

Campus Kleve

Anti-Bias Education: A Compassionate and Scientific Strategy for dealing with Racism and Discrimination in Educational Settings, Keynote by Dr. Prasad Reddy

11/29/22   9:00 am

DoA3: Workshop by Dr. Sardar M. Kohistani

How unconscious bias is impacting us – Blinds spot in daily cooperation

digital event

Stereotypes influence us unconsciously in daily cooperation and togetherness. They help us to simplify the complexity of our environment. The imprints of unconscious assumptions are deeply anchored in us. But they can also tempt us to judge or treat others unfairly without realizing it. They also have an effect in administrative interaction. The willingness to deal with one's own unconscious bias and structural prejudices helps to track down misunderstandings in cooperation more quickly. This workshop provides impulses to raise awareness of blind spots in day-to-day collaboration.

11/29/22   9:00 am

DoA3: Workshop von Dr. Christine Issa

Wie unbewusste Vorannahmen unser Handeln beeinflussen – Blinde Flecken in der täglichen Zusammenarbeit

digital event

Stereotype beeinflussen uns in der täglichen Zusammenarbeit und im Miteinander. Sie helfen uns, die Komplexität unserer Umwelt zu vereinfachen. Dabei sind die Prägungen unbewusster Vorannahmen tief in uns verankert. Doch sie können uns auch zu unfairen Bewertungen oder Behandlungen anderer verleiten, ohne dass wir es bemerken. Auch im administrativen Zusammenspiel entfalten sie Wirkung. Die Bereitschaft, sich mit Stereotypen und strukturellen Vorurteilen auseinanderzusetzen unterstützt darin, Missverständnissen im Miteinander schneller auf die Spur zu kommen.

11/29/22   2:30 pm

Bionik unter Wasser

Hochschule bietet Ende November MINT-Workshops an


In Zusammenarbeit mit dem zdi-Zentrum Kleve bietet die Fakultät Technologie und Bionik im November zwei Workshops für Schülerinnen und Schüler an: