Maintaining Germany’s role as a focal point of international commerce and research is an objective of both the private and the public sector. In recent years, universities of applied sciences in Germany have come to be seen as important contributors to this effort, due in large part to their practical research orientation and co-operation with industry. As a young, dynamic and innovative university of applied sciences, Rhine-Waal University is committed to conducting both application-oriented and interdisciplinary research.

This commitment is reflected in the Faculty of Society and Economics, which attaches great importance to the practical relevance of its own research and to promoting a close interlinking of education, research, industry and public frameworks. Students can use their knowledge which they acquired in courses and seminars into practical projects and work in the modern laboratory environment. The computer rooms and laboratories of the Faculty of Society and Economics of the Rhine-Waal University are equipped with a variety of software and equipment (this includes e.g. SPSS, QuestBack, LogSquare, a mobile eye-tracking glasses and stationary remote eye-tracker). This equipment is also used for various internal research projects of the faculty and also with external partners; students get a direct insight into the scientific work of numerous disciplines.

All societies contain an enormous latent potential for development and innovation. The key to tapping into this potential is strengthening the bonds between Society and Economics and making them into true partners. This is our guiding principle at the Faculty of Society and Economics; what drives us to seek out new collaborative research partners in the private sector, to the benefit of the Lower Rhine region. But we also look beyond regional borders as well, because we recognise the true importance of an international perspective, which is reflected in our history of research collaborations and the diversity of our student body.