Research Projects

Adressing Real Problems through Realistic Research

As our society grows increasingly complex, so does the need to establish new interdisciplinary approaches to research. Thus, a primary goal of our research projects at the Faculty of Society and Economics is to interlink the many disciplines which permeate our study courses.

This true-to-life approach to research in our faculty’s internal landscape of laboratories aims to encourage new levels of constructive and innovative thinking. Students play an integral role here and are actively incorporated into faculty research projects throughout the course of their studies, for example in semester projects or when collecting data for their thesis.

By emphasising an application-oriented, practical approach to research – particularly in cooperation with regional institutions and enterprises – we strive to develop tangible solutions to real social problems. With our modern laboratory facilities, the Faculty of Society and Economics is able to employ a range of experimental methods in many different fields of research. These include, for example, behavioural experiments with test persons in different economic and social scenarios, as well recording and evaluating existing information systems through the use of cutting-edge eye tracking systems.