Students Representative Body

Faculty of Society and Economics

What is the Faculty’s Student Body?

The faculty’s student body defines itself through the members of each specific faculty. Students enrolled in each specific faculty are therefore part of the faculty’s student body.

(Example: If you are enrolled in the study course ‘International Business and Social Sciences’ you are automatically member of the Faculty of Society and Economics.)

At Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science, each faculty has its own student body. Thus, the Bachelor and Master courses of International Business and Social Sciences, International Relations, Taxation and Law, Gender and Diversity, Early Childhood Education, Sustainable Tourism, Economics and Finance and  Sustainable Developement Management define the ‘Student Body of the Faculty of Society and Economics’.


Who are the Faculty Student Representatives and what are their tasks?

The Faculty Student Representatives (FSR) represents the student body of the faculty.

The FSR thereby has a specific number of elected members from the students of the faculty. The total number of elected members is derived by the following formula: At least 5 members with 1 additional member for every 100 enrolled students in the faculty.

(Example: If the Faculty of Society and Economics has 700 enrolled students, the FSR has 12 elected members.)

In many German Federal Lands and also at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science, the FSR represents a legal organ of the constituted student body with own monetary means, which are raised by the tuition fees.

The FSR is responsible for all kinds of affairs of the students enrolled in the faculty. It is thereby the interface between the public and the students, as well as the faculty and the students.

Further Information to the FSR and its tasks can be found in the Constitution of the FSR Society and Economics, the Constitution of the Student Parliament (StuPa), and the Regulations for Elections. All documents are in German.



Name Vorname Studiengang Position
Balle Celine IR, 5. Semester Vice-Chairwoman
Bilinski Maika IR, 7. Semester Freshers
Boateng Belinda Antwiwaa IR, 3. Semester Freshers & International
Born Luke NT, 7. Semester Merchandise
Chan Tsun Wa ITL, 5. Semester Finance Referee
De Figlio Amanda IR, 7. Semester Public Relations
Eloo Jonas IR, 3. Semester Chairman
Fröhlich Jan Paul IR, 3. Semester Freshers & Treasurer
Groot-Severt Ramon ITL, 5. Semester Events & Public Relations
Kamal Ahmad E&F, 6. Semester Fairtrade/Sustainability
Matussek Katja IR, 5. Semester Public Relations & Political Education
Monedero Daniel IR, 5. Semester Political Education
Nguyen Thao My IR, 5. Semester Political Education
Parker Mia IR, 5. Semester Social Affairs & Minute Taker &
Pennisi Tais IR, 5. Semester Political Education
Nicole IR, 3. Semester Facility Management &
Freshers & Minute Taker & International
Maria Alejandra IR, 7. Semester Public Relations & Merchandise
Schmidt Eva NT, 3. Semester Merchandise
Standop Saleha GD, 3. Semester Social Affairs & LGBTQIA+
Stradner Lilly Jasmin IR, 3. Semester Events
Talib Kylix GD, 2. Semester Events & LGBTQIA+
Türck Frederike NT, 6. Semester Facility Management &
Vogel Juliane GD, 2. Semester Facility Management &
Von Blücher
Zoe IR, 4. Semester Social Affairs & International
Wiemers Johanna IR, 4. Semester Events



As your student representatives, we support all students and prospective students with questions, suggestions, or issues whether they concern the university or private life and try to find a solution or the right contact person.  

You can contact the FSR at any time via the following channels:


Thereby, we always try to respond as quick as possible to any requests, but if a request requires the majority decision of the members it can take a little longer to get an answer. Also, during the semester break, it may take a little longer than usual to respond to your request. If you would like to talk to us personally you can make an appointment with us via E-Mail.

We would be especially happy to meet and exchange ideas with you in person. You can meet us anytime in our FSR office (03 EG 014). To ensure that one of our members is present, just drop by in our weekly office hour. You can find the exact day and time on our social media channels.

Alternatively, you can also participate in our monthly meetings. The dates are published via social media or the FSR Moodle course, in which you will also receive additional information (

The content of this page was created by members of the FSR.