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“I don’t need any liberation!”: A look back at the Special Theme Day “Ukraine” in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort on 23 March 2022

Many people wanted to see a special theme day focused on the war in Ukraine hosted at HSRW. Thus, two events were quickly organised and held this past Wednesday for both Kamp-Lintfort and Kleve, hosted by the Faculties of Communication and Environment and Society and Economics. Read more


Information for the start of the lecture period at the University

Shortly before the start of the lecture period on 21 March 2022, the Bundestag voted in favour of the new Infection Prevention Act, thus clearing the way for a relaxation of pandemic restrictions. In the future, only so-called "basic prevention measures" will apply nationwide. However, state parliaments can decide on whether to implement additional requirements. Here you will find things to bear in mind about the start of the summer semester 2022 lecture period. Read more


Theme day 'Ukraine' at the Faculty of Society and Economics on March 23, 2022 on the campus in Kleve

The members of the Faculty of Society and Economics at HSRW are also appalled by the invasion of Ukraine. On March 23, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. (Campus Kleve, Lecture Hall Center Building 01, Room EG 005), scientists with different specialist focuses will discuss their different perspectives on the current situation in Ukraine with the students. The scientific discussions and lectures (in English) are also open to interested parties outside the university.


Sustainable Development Management in practice: Student Luisa Desch does her applied project in sustainable development at Social Business Kaffeekoop GmbH in Rwanda

In the degree programme Sustainable Development Management M.A. students learn how to translate complex theory into action. Luisa Desh, who is in her second semester of the degree programme, demonstrated this process during an exciting and instructive internship at the German-African Social Business Kaffeekoop GmbH. Her internship included not only hands-on work in the coffee fields together with the co-op’s female farmers, but also behind-the-scenes administrative tasks in sales and marketing, providing deep insight into work at a social business.   


Reactions to the crisis in Eastern Europe

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences wishes to show solidarity with those affected by the situation in Ukraine. Dr Oliver Locker-Grütjen has expressed his deep sympathy. Read more


Current Scientific Publications


Praxiswerkstatt im Studiengang Nachhaltiger Tourismus, B.A.

Bereits zum neunten Mal in Folge fand im Wintersemester die sogenannte „Praxiswerkstatt“ statt. Hier sollen die Studierenden im dritten Semester im Studiengang Nachhaltiger Tourismus, B.A. ihr bislang erlerntes theoretisches Wissen zum ersten Mal praktisch einsetzen, sich selbst im Team organisieren und lernen, mit Auftrageber*innen umzugehen.


Public Lecture "EU and Central Asia Relations"

On 1 February 2022, Prof. Dr. Jakob Lempp, Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy, and Professor at the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences, delivered a Public Lecture on "EU and Central Asia Relations".


Alumni-Portraits - Early Childhood Education, B.A.

One degree programme, but dozens of career opportunities! For the latest Alumni Portraits, we interviewed Gina Zanichelli and Robin Tesch, who both graduated in Early Childhood Education.


Upcoming Events

10/16/22   11:00 am

Offene Gärten im Kleverland – Das Tropenhaus mit allen Sinnen erleben

Tropen und Garten, Kunst und Musik, Barfußboden und Duftpflanzen

Campus Kleve

Im Rahmen der „Offenen Gärten im Kleverland“, lädt das Team des Tropenhauses an der Hochschule Rhein-Waal am Sonntag, dem 16. Oktober 2022 von 11 bis 16 Uhr seine Besucher*innen zu einem abwechslungsreichen Rundgang ein – zu Begehung und Begegnung mit allen Sinnen.