Parent-Child Room

Each campus has a designated parent-child room, which can be used for free by all members of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. In Kleve, the parent-child room is located in 17 EG 004, in Kamp-Lintfort in 04 01 325. Both rooms contain a PC workspace, a child-sized bed, a sofa and a play corner. In order to use the parent-child room, the room must be booked on the desired date. An access is possible via a transponder.

Possibilities of booking and transponder access for employees

Employees can book the rooms like any other facility via Outlook. Alternatively, the room can be booked via the equal opportunities office or the equal opportunities representatives of the respective faculties.

Employees have the opportunity to book access rights to the rooms on their own transponder at the campus supervision or the service point. Alternatively, it is possible to borrow a transponder on the day of the reservation at the locations mentioned below.

Possibilities of booking and transponder access for students

Students may contact the central opportunities representative, the equal opportunities office or decentralized equal opportunities representatives for a reservation of the room.

After booking, a transponder for the room can be borrowed on the day of the booked appointment at the locations mentioned below.

in Kleve

- at the campus supervision (building 04, ground floor)

- at the Dean´s Office faculty Life Sciences (12 01 006)

- at the Dean´s Office faculty Society and Economics (02 01 008)

and in Kamp-Lintfort

- in the library (building 01, top floor)

- at the Student Service Point (02, ground floor, 505).

After using the room the transponder must be returned personally.

Contact information for booking via central or decentral equal opportunities representatives

Central equal opportunities:

Faculty Technology & Bionics:

Faculty Life Sciences:

Faculty Society & Economics:

Faculty Communication & Environment:


Guests of the Rhine-Waal-University also have the possibility to use the parent-child room after special agreement with the equal opportunities office.

Please find the general terms and conditions of use outlined in the parent-child room rules (downloads).

Campus Libraries

Individual study rooms are available in the libraries at both locations, which can be reserved by student parents at the information desk or via e-mail (also possible spontaneously). In Kleve a separate parent-child room is located on the 5th floor (18 05 13).

Changing Facilities

Baby Changing Facilities are available in the following rooms (buildings / floor / room).

In Kleve:

01 ground floor 021 (Audimax)
03 ground floor 015 (gender toilet, handicapped accessible toilet)
16 ground floor 011 (refectory)
18 ground floor 012 (knowledge repository ("Wissensspeicher")

In Kamp-Lintfort:

01 01 026 (auditorium centre)
02 ground floor 036 (faculty building).