Mobile Toy Boxes

To make Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences an even more family-friendly place of study and work the Equal Opportunities Team offers students and employees mobile toy boxes.

Due to childcare emergencies it can happen that students or staff have to bring their child to the university: There is an extra day off in the kindergarten? The childminder is sick? Or your fellow students want to meet spontaneously to go through the presentation again?

The mobile boxes of toys help parents and children to make their stay at the university entertaining. They include toys for infants like colouring books and crayons, picture books and reader, puzzles, games or puzzle magazines and can be handed out on an hourly or daily basis.

On Campus Kleve (Building 17, Equal Opportunities) there are two mobile boxes of toys available free of charge and on Campus Kamp-Lintfort (02 EG 505 Student Service Point) you can borrow one.

For more information, please contact Equal Opportunities staff at or

Have your children outgrown any toys? Please consider donating them to our portable toy chests!