Interview - Jiu Jitsu

1. What do we need to know about BJJ? What is so special about BJJ? 

BJJ is a martial art derived from Judo's Newaza. Back in the 1910's MItsuo Maeda, one of the top ground fighters students from Japan went abroad to teach ground fighting. Ended up in Brazil where he taught the Gracie Family. Jiu Jitsu today is broadly known and used. It bacame the backbone of any MMA fighter. What makes BJJ so interesting is the possibility to actually fight with your opponent with low risk of injuries.

2. When does the training take place?

Mondays from 20:30 - 22:00

Tuesdays from 16: 15-17: 45

Wednesdays from 18: 15-19: 45

3. Where does the training take place?

Building 2A, Kleve

4. Is it ok to be a newcomer or do I have to be advanced?

Newcomers are always invited to join us!

5. What is the goal of this event?

Create and enviroment of partnership and friendship between the students, BJJ gyms usually become a big new family for all that train there, this can also be seen in our gym in HSRW.

6. What is your goal being the coach of this event?

I like to spread the art! More people training means more training for me also.

7. What can you say about yourself being a coach?

I tend to joke around a lot, we have a heavy training session with lots of sweat and laughs!

8. Why should a student be interested in this sport?

BJJ comes from a long lineage of self-defense techniques and, as any other sports activity, is not only good for your body, but for the mind. When you leave the mats knowing you gave all you had, you get that unique feeling of accomplishment.