Interview - Dancing

1. What do we need to know about Dancing? What is so special about Dancing?

Dancing is not just sport, it can also be an art of expression.

2. When does the training take place?

Tuesdays from 18 to 19:30

3. Where does the training take place?

At RAG-Building, Kamp-Lintfort.

4. Is it ok to be a newcomer or do I have to be advanced?

You dont need any previous knowledge.

5. What is the goal of this event?

Have fun with the movement to music and improve its skills.

6. What is your goal being the coach of this event?

The participants dare more and dance even better.

7. What can you say about yourself being a coach?

I love to dance and express something through the movement. I hope that I can design the course so that everyone enjoys it.

8. Why should a student be interested in this sport?

If you like to move to music or if you want to improve your skills, that is a good reason to come to the course.