Interview - Crosstraining

1. What do we need to know about Crosstraining? What is so special about Crosstraining?

Is a challenging, intense and athletic whole body workout, which can bring any athlete to its limit of performance for sure. This sport is suitable for both beginners and advanced as the exercises can be customized. In addition to strength and endurance coordination and speed are also trained. The exercises, which are managed in the form of compact individual workouts, circles, courses or in group training, are suitable for everyone. Due to high variation of the loaded muscles CrossTraining offers an optimal balance to other sports and contributes to the increase in performance.

2. When does the training take place?

Tuesdays from 19-20.30

Wednesdays from 20.30-21.30

Thursdays from 17.30-19.00

3. Where does the event take place?

Tuesdays at Freiherr vom Stein Gymnasium (Directions via Flandrische Straße)

Wednesdays Mehrzweckhalle Materborn.

Thursdays Mehrzwckhalle Materborn

4. Is it ok to be a newcomer or do I have to be advanced?

You can start at any time as a beginner, with the appointment on Wednesday recommended, since 60 minutes to start better than 90 minutes. But if you already have a basic fitness, you can definitely participate in both other appointments.

5. What is the goal of this event? 

Together increase the personal fitness. Workouts, also as a team. Another important point is to support each other and have fun.

6. What is your goal being the coach of this event?

I would like to convey the students the fun of the sport and try to reduce the Unistress by the workouts. Incidentally, this can also be increased personal fitness and thus overall performance.

7. What can you say about yourself being a coach?  

For 3 years I have been giving courses in cross training and I am always interested in new exercises and new workouts. I think it's good to train in a community and think that it's easier for everyone to get into training if it's in a group.

8. Why should a student be interested in this sport?


If you want to increase your personal fitness and are interested in meeting new people who also like this kind of sport, then you are in the right place for cross training. In addition, you can leave the stress of everyday life in the workouts and concentrate fully on your body.