Faculty Student Body

What is the faculty student body?

The student body of a faculty includes all currently enrolled students in that faculty. By enrolling in a degree programme, you automatically join that faculty’s student body. When you finish your studies or withdraw from the University, you automatically leave the student body.

This applies to all degree programmes for that faculty. If you enrol in Bioengineering B.Sc., for example, then you automatically become a member of the student body of the Faculty of Life Sciences.

At Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences there is a student faculty body for each subject area (not for each degree program), which means that the bachelor and master degree programs of a faculty form the respective faculty student body.

Who are the Faculty Student Representatives?

The Faculty Student Representatives, or FSR, (German: Fachschaftsrat) represent their faculty’s student body.

Each FSR consists of a number of elected representatives based on the size of the faculty they represent: five permanent members plus one additional member per 100 enrolled students. For example, if the Faculty of Life Sciences has 700 enrolled students, then its FSR will have 5 + 7 = 12 total members.  

The FSR consitutes a legally-recognised, representative organ of its constituent student body with the legal right to dispose of its own funds, which are collected as a portion of the semester enrolment fee. This also applies to the four FSR at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

The FSR represents the affairs and concerns of students enrolled in the faculty. It acts as an interface between the general public and students, and between the faculty staff and students.

For more information on the FSR and its duties and responsibilities, please refer to the Constitution of the FSR Life Sciences, the Constitution of the Student Parliament (StuPa), and the Regulations for Student Elections. All documents are only available in German at this time.

This is us:

Chair: Muhammad Abdullah Khan

Vice-Chair: Youssef Amer


Zhao Ziru

Saiful Islam Sakil


Mansavi Vanshika Jhurree

Ruben Lee

Bianca White

Nesa Khan

Awais Habib Khan

Public Relations:

Zilla Muller

Aarthy Naguleswaren

Sergei Smirnov


Yasmin Najaa

Mansavi Vanshika Jhurree

Aarthy Naguleswaren

Maria Garcia

What are our tasks?

  • Mediation between students and the university
  • Advice in social and professional matters
  • Cooperation with StuPa and AStA
  • Planning and hosting events (e.g., Science Slam, Freshers Breakfast, Christmas Market)
  • Sale of fair-trade student hoodies



You can always contact us via e-mail: FSR-FLS@hsrw.org or via our Facebook page. For ideas, suggestions for improvement or applications, please use the corresponding form.

We try to respond as quickly as possible. If your request requires a member vote, then we kindly ask for additional time to respond.

If you prefer to speak to us personally, you can visit us during the lecture period in our office hours:

Location/ Standort: Hochschule Rhein-Waal 11 01 014

Office hours/ Öffnungszeiten:

  • by arrangement

During the lecture-free time we kindly ask you to arrange an appointment by email in advance.                                                                                            

The content of this page was written by the members of the Student Council!