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Dear students,

Welcome at the Faculty of Life Sciences! On this website you will find the information you need to start your studies.

General information for students

The first point of contact for students in regards to the studies. On this website you will find infromation about almost everithing: from semester times to university sports  

Virtual Freshers' Day

On 26. March 2021 we invite you to the introductory day for the first-year Master degree students. During the day you have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students and the university and receive a lot of important information for starting your studies.

More information about the event  

Online learning platform

Most of the courses in the coming semester will be offered online. An early installation of all necessary access is therefore an important prerequisite for successful participation in the courses.

You can find an overview on the university's IT services website at

Student advisory service

The university's central student advisory service supports you with general questions about your studies and offers numerous events on various topics.

Student Service Point:

Information specific for the Faculty's students

Faculty-specific events on the Virtual Freshers' Day

On Friday, March 26th we invite you to our faculty-specific events! All events are offered online.


You can find the latest version of the timetable online on the faculty's website.

Modules, Exams, Curriculum...

You will find the examination regulations, module descriptions and curriculum plans on the website of your degree program (on the right by the quick links). These can help you organize your studies as they contain important information, e.g. about the modules and examination types.

Preparatory internship

Information about prerequisites and recognition of preparatory internship can be found on this website:

Learning Agreement for master’s students

Did your bachelor's degree only have 6 semesters (180 CP) instead of 7 (210 CP)? If so, you are still missing 30 CP, which you have make up for before registring your master's thesis. You can clarify questions about the type and scope of the learning agreement with the examination board. additional Information here

Study Guide

The first semester can sometimes be a challenge. Especially when (almost) everything suddenly runs digitally. If you have any faculty-specific questions, concerns or problems during your studies, Ms. Völkel is your contact at the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Faculty Student Body

The student council represents the interests of all life science students and sees itself as a facilitator between the public, faculty, employees and students. More information is available here:

Do you have questions?

Your contact person at the Faculty of Life Sciences

Study guide

Lena Völkel


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