5:00 pm

Hochschule Rhein-Waal

Children’s University: Sustainable agriculture & agroforestry

Campus Kleve
Gebäude 01, Erdgeschoss, Audimaxx
Mehrere Kinder sitzen in einem Hörsaal, während eine Frau vorne eine Präsentation hält.

The interactive lecture will be led by Anna-Lea Ortmann, PhD student in the agroforestry living laboratory of the TransRegINT project. She will explain the basics of sustainable agriculture to the young audience, focusing in particular on the innovative concept of agroforestry.

This involves the combination of different agricultural areas such as pasture farming or arable farming with tree fruit. Agroforestry allows areas to be made more ecologically diverse. The harvest is also extended by the woody plants with additional products.

This event is for children between between 8 and 12 years.

Registration is not required. Admission is free.

Contact: Anna-Lea Ortmann, PhD student Team Agroforestry Living Lab, 02821 80673 9951 oder