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Events at the Green FabLab

Rhine-Waal University`s Green FabLab on the premises of the Horticultural Show (Landesgartenschau) in Kamp-Lintfort offers an interesting series of events. Visit us for lectures, talks and guided tours to get an exciting insights into diverse topics related to the environment and the sustainable use of resources. Infos

Virtual Question / Answer Session for our Master´s Programmes at the Faculty of Society and Economics

Are you still uncertain which master would suit you best? Our Course Coordinators (Huyhn Bich Ngan Le / Economics and Finance, M.Sc. and Lena Gutheil / Sustainable Development Management, M.A.) for the master´s programmes at faculty of societyand economics will provide you information on the course outlines and will give you answers on your questions. Prof. Ralf Klapdor, Dean of the Faculty of Society and Economics, will join the session as well and provides information on the faculty of society and economics in general.

Study program Gender and Diversity B.A. has a new head of studies

Prof. Eva Maria Hinterhuber takes over as head of study program Gender and Diversity B.A. by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Jungwirth, who previously held the position of head of the study programm.

New Head of the degree program International Relations B.A.

At the side of Prof. Dr. Jakob Lempp, Prof. Dr. John Henry Dingfelder Stone takes over now as head of the degree programm International Relations B.A. He succeeds Prof. Dr. Alexander Brand, who after 5 years passed the tasks on to his colleague.

What does the future hold for transatlantic relations?

Students and researchers at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences and its partner university Fitchburg State recently conducted a survey among students at their respective universities to learn more about how younger generations view transatlantic relations between the United States and Germany. The overwhelming majority of polled students value the ties between the two countries and strongly believe in strengthening their transatlantic partnership for the future. Read more 

Online-conference on “Feminist Perspectives in Peace and Conflict Studies: Intersectional Approaches”, 16th/17th June 2020

A complex world requires complex approaches. This is also true for perspectives on peace and conflict: No matter if we talk at the individual level about different people, their belonging and needs, at the structural level about discrimination, at the institutional level about legal frameworks or at the historical level about development and achievements –on every stage a holistic view is necessary. Read more

Interview with Prof. Dr. Eva Maria Hinterhuber

In the context of COVID-19 gender and diversity play a central role: gender, social status, ethnicity, age and health status as well as in which part of the world a person lives matters on how severe the consequences of the pandemic will be. Read more

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Jakob Lempp

Prof. Dr. Jakob Lempp, Professor für Politologie mit dem Schwerpunkt Internationale Beziehungen an der Fakultät Gesellschaft und Ökonomie im Interview über das Coronavirus und die Rolle der Europäischen Union in dieser Krisenzeit. Weiterlesen

Interview mit Frau Prof. Dr. Alemzadeh

Mit der Reduktion auf die „Notbetreuung“ stehen sowohl Familien, die Kindergarten-Kinder haben als auch pädagogische Fachkräfte selbst vor einer großen Herausforderung. Spätestens jetzt merken alle: In der Kindertagesstätte passiert viel mehr, als dass Kinder „nur“ betreut werden. Weiterlesen

"Wie Macht gemacht wird"

Im März 2020 erschien ein „Special Issue“ der u.a. von Prof. Dr. Jakob Lempp und Dr. Jan Niklas Rolf herausgegebenen Zeitschrift für angewandte Politikwissenschaft zur Frage „Wie Macht gemacht wird“. Die Ausgabe erfolgte in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Politikberatung (degepol) und der Berliner Politikberatung „Miller & Meier Consulting GmbH“ und geht der Frage nach der Macht sowohl aus (politik-)wissenschaftlicher Sicht als auch aus Praktikersicht nach.

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