2:15 pm
Gesellschaft und Ökonomie

Guest Lecture "Bodies, Subjects, Victims. A Discussion of (Il-)Legitimate Violence"

We invite you to attend the guest lecture by Elke Verlinden-Schneider, M.A., research assistant for peace and conflict studies and secretary general of the German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (AFK) on

Bodies, Subjects, Victims. A Discussion of (Il-)Legitimate Violence

Thursday, June 10th, 2021, at 2:15 pm

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Who is recognized as a victim and who is not? For whom do we take in an advocatory position and for whom not? Which acts of violence gain our attention and why? In the lecture Elke Verlinden-Schneider will explore the role of identity and normality for the recognition of victimhood and discuss in which ways violence is discursively constructed as legitimate or illegitimate. She will draw on concepts such as subjectivity, (global) victimhood, identity and normalisation to discuss how in some cases, especially structural violence, can be normalized – and how it can be very difficult for parties involved as well as actors who take in an advocatory position to de-legitimize and de-normalize the situation. She will look at successful as well as unsuccessful cases of mobilisation for different causes and discuss the apparent factors of normalisation together. Doing this, she will draw on examples from disability studies, events from recent history as well as examples from my research focusing on Dutch and German policies regarding children of alleged Daesh-fighters with European nationalities in camps in Syria or in Iraq.

The lecture is jointly organized by Prof. Dr. Eva Maria Hinterhuber and Elke Verlinden-Schneider, the secretary general of the AFK, which is located at the University of Rhine-Waal.

We are looking forward to your participation!