Fairtrade Student Group

The Fairtrade Student Group of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences conducts workshops, discussion rounds and other activities around the topic of Fairtrade. The members, who are active on both campuses, are responsible for the conception, organisation and implementation independently and autonomously. The aim is to spread the idea of fairtrade and an awareness of why fairness in trade is important, but unfortunately not self-evident, among members of the university as well as the general public.

Activities in the last two semesters included for example the organisation of a clothes exchange and clothes flea markets in Kleve, a "Sweet Night" in which information was provided on the situation of farmers in cocoa cultivation and a batik workshop in the summer semester in Kamp-lintfort

In the winter semester, the Fairtrade student group is planning participatory activities during Freshersweek, especially for first-year students, but anyone who wants to join in is welcome.


Hands on Fairtrade

Join our "Batik-Tutorial" to learn how you can use batik dye to design scarfs, bags, or clothes. In the "Waxcloth Tutorial" we will demonstrate how to make your own wax cloth which are reusable and a good alternative to plastic for wrapping food. More information on: fablab.green


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