Experimental Research


We carry out a wide variety of experiments in our laboratory landscape to very different topics. Using the results we are trying to analyze how people make decisions and how these decisions can be described by theories and models. Depending on the field different experiments are carried out, such investigations and optimization of negotiation situations or conducting scenario analyzes bundle. The experiments are designed by professors, academic staff and students in research projects, as well as in seminars and for theses.

Anyone can participate in the experiments! If we caught your interest, please register in our participants database. If there is a new experiment, you will be invited by e-mail.

Where do the participants come from?

For the experiments, we need participants. It can not only be joined by students but also external persons are invited to participate in experiments. Those who are interested can register in our database and then get invitations to different experiments.

What do the participants?

Before each experiment, test persons are given detailed instructions and an overview of what’s to come–previous knowledge and expertise are not required to participate. Transparency is paramount to us, so we pledge to never manipulate or lie to test persons and to conduct each and every experiment exactly as described.

Here I can earn money!

The actual amount depends on the scope and type of experiment–there’s no set rate, so sometimes you get therefore less, sometimes more. The hourly wage is about € 8.

Anyone can participate!

For further information please check out our responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


To find Answers to your questions, see the FAQ or contact us at xpertise@hochschule-rhein-waal.de



Herr Prof. Dr. Thomas Pitz

Campus Kleve

Gebäude 03 02 010

Telefon: 02821 80673-337

Email: thomas.pitz@hochschule-rhein-waal.de


Herr Dipl.-Volksw. Wolf Gardian

Campus Kleve

Gebäude 03 02 024

Telefon: 02821 80673-313

Email: wolf.gardian@hochschule-rhein-waal.de