Alumni in the Gender and Diversity degree programme talk about career opportunities and learning outcomes

In the alumnight in the Bachelor's degree programme Gender and Diversity, students get a concrete insight into career opportunities after graduation. In a cosy pre-Christmas atmosphere, three alumni in the Gender and Diversity degree programme gave insightful impressions on how they turned their gained knowledge during their studies into perspectives of work and even practical life lessons, opening up new ideas and fresh outlooks to potential work areas for our students:

  • Winston Odita, currently working for the European Commission, and in the private economic sector. His advice: love yourself!
  • Natalie Guntlisbergen, working for AWO – a civil society actor providing various services to society. Her advice: find work you burn for and find meaning in doing!
  • Vanessa Noack, writing her Ph.D. in the field of gender and technology at Uppsala University, Sweden. Her advice: Respect your surroundings and use the technology available to you!

All students in the Gender and Diversity B.A. programme were invited. Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Hinterhuber, Professor of Sociology with a focus on gender research, moderated the successful evening. Incidentally, two of the alumni who spoke were among the first students in the Gender and Diversity, B.A. programme and thus real pioneers on the job market after graduation.