Freshers Week: Faculty Society and Economics

Important information about the start of studies in the Faculty of Society and Economics and information on offers and organization within the freshers week of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

Thursday (Faculty Day), 28.09.2023


Get excited about your Studycourse: Presentation of the Bachelor and Master Studycourses

Time Studycourse Room
10-12 am

Gender and Diversity B.A.

Building 2A, Ground Floor,
Room 2A EG 002

10-12 am

International Relations B.A.

Building 2A, Ground floor,
Room 2A EG 015

10-12 am

International Business and Management B.A.

Building 09, 1. Floor
Room 09 01 018

10-12 am

International Taxation and Law B.A.

Building 09, 1. Floor
Room 09 EG 019

11-12 am

Sustainable Tourism B.A.

Building 02, Ground Floor
Room 02 EG 012

10-12 am

Early Childhood Education B.A.

Building 05, 1. Floor
Room 05 01 028

10-12 am Sustainbale Develpment Management M.A. Building 05, 2. Floor
Room 05 02 027
10-12 am Economics and Finance M.Sc. Building 05, 2. Floor
Room 05 02 027




1:30-2:30 pm Welcome by the Dean
Presentation and explanation of how the faculty rally is carried out
Building 01, Ground Floor Room 01 EG 010
2:30-4:30 pm

Faculty Rallye

Get to know your faculty and its wide range of services. Meet the employees, answer questions and solve tasks in a team.

The team with the highest score wins a prize.

Building 02, Building 03 and Building 2A
5 pm Award ceremony Campus in front of building 14