Participatory development of educational modules to teach systemic interrelationships

The project aims at developing, testing, and publishing educational modules on the topic of nitrates in groundwater. The educational modules that will be developed in cooperation with citizens and various actors will cover the three areas of "environmental contexts", "digital methods" and "transformation and impact" and provide various teaching and learning tools for different target groups.

Research will be carried out in the field, e.g. at the participating project partners, as well as in various laboratories and facilities of Rhine-Waal University, such as the Green FabLab, the Computational Intelligence and Visualization Lab, or the energy and environment laboratories at the Faculty of Communication and Environment.

Citizens can actively participate in the development and implementation of these measures, for example in sampling, measurement or module development.

By developing different teaching and learning tools, the actors are to be sensitised to the problem of elevated nitrate levels in groundwater and invited to cooperate in developing solutions for sustainable action.

Project Term

April, 2022 to March, 2024


Project Lead

Prof. Dr. Daniela Lud


Project Team

Magdalena Mossbrucker


Ellen Tijsse-Klasen


Sachin Lamichhane

Prof. Dr. Frank Zimmer

Dr. habil. Waltraud Kofer

Dr. Christa Lang


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