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Investigating cognitive processes with an EEG amplifier to develop optimal work environments and usability in equipment.

In this project, Prof. Dr. Nele Wild-Wall investigates the potential impact of demographic shifts on the future workplace. Over the course of one’s life, cognitive processes go through numerous changes and can begin to deteriorate in later years. This is why it’s essential to develop work environments and facilities that are adapted to a wide range of physical and cognitive requirements and conditions. Only then will it be possible to effectively compensate for age-related deficiencies and achieve an optimal level of performance and motivation in the workplace. Moreover, work environments and facilities should be constructed in such a way that they support the healthy ageing of employees, both physically and cognitively, regardless of age.

Using an electroencephalogram (EEG) amplifier and test persons in simulated work environments, the project measures and analyses a range of cognitive processes and their neural mechanisms, from sensory perception, attentiveness and processing of stimuli, to physical reaction processes.

The resulting data can be used in a variety of practical applications, such as designing effective learning environments for users of different age groups, or in age-appropriate software design.


Prof. Dr. Nele Wild-Wall

Psychological Research Methods and Diagnostics




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