12:00 pm
Hochschule Rhein-Waal

DoA3: Workshop by SchwarzRund

Surviving White Academia

digital event

"Surviving White Academia" – yes, but how exactly? Answers to this question are diverse, contradictory, sad and hilarious. What actually colonial practices do to me? How can I take care of myself without blaming myself when at the end of the day I am still at the end of my rope? Together we will look for first steps together and the lecturer shares knowledge and experiences of other students.

SchwarzRund (-/they/@) came to Bremen as a Black German Dominican at the age of three and has been living in Berlin for over a decade. On and in various magazines they write about multidimensional life realities inside and outside of communities. They also negotiates this on stage as a speaker and poet. They studied cultural studies and gender studies for they bachelor’s and master’s degrees. they research focus is Queer Black Interventions and Afrx-Latinx Identities. She is currently doing a PhD in the Contested Democracy research group at the University of Erfurt on the understanding of democracy with Audre Lorde.

Workshop from 12–4pm for all BIPoC university members

Number of participants is limited, please register by November 23rd by email to

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