Support in finding a place to live

Campus Kleve

You are looking for accommodation near the Campuses of Kleve or Kamp-Lintfort after successful been admitted to Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences? Well, to tell you the truth, finding a flat can be a bit difficult. A large number of students enrol at Rhine-Waal University every year and all of them are in need of a place to live, so you are not alone in your search.

We would like you to be aware that finding accommodation can be a bit of a challenge, in particular for international students. But don’t fret just yet! Below you will find important information, useful tips and many helpful links that will make your search easier.


General Information

In contrast to many other countries students in Germany have to find accommodation themselves. This means that a room will not automatically be assigned to you after enrolling at the University. Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences doesn’t maintain residence halls which is why the University cannot guarantee you accommodation.

Two types of accommodation are common in Germany, a room at a student residence hall or private accommodation. The majority of students in Germany rent rooms in private flats. With regard to private accommodation various types of possible. You can rent a room, a flat or share a flat with fellow students. Flats and rooms are usually not furnished. Some flats are fully or partly furnished, but they are generally more expensive than unfurnished flats. You can find further information on different housing options here

Some landlords send their flat offer directly to the Welcome Centre for publishing. Both landlords and students can find further information as well as the link to current flat offers here

In Germany rent is usually divided into two parts: ‘cold’ (or kalt) and ‘warm’. In general, cold refers to the base rent without other expenses, i.e. just what you will pay for the room/flat. On the other hand, warm refers to the full cost you will pay each month and includes base rent and most other expenses like hot water and refuse collection. When in doubt, it’s best to ask what is included in the ‘warm rent’!

Generally, students in private flats must pay one to three months’ rent in advance as a security deposit (‘Kaution’ in German). It serves as a security in case you damage the room or flat. You will be refunded the full amount after moving out if nothing is damaged.


The Sooner the Better

We strongly recommend that you start looking for accommodation as early as possible, ideally before arriving in Germany. As you can imagine, the closer the beginning of the semester, the more difficult your room search will become. Incoming students should invest a lot of time in finding accommodation as it may take a while to find a suitable place to live. 

An additional advantage of private flats is that you can live outside of Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort. Accordingly, don’t limit your search to the direct vicinity of either campus but take nearby cities and villages into account as well, particularly those along the train and bus routes. With your SemesterTicket you can commute to campus and back at no extra cost all semester long. Be sure to check the timetables for first/last bus or train and concentrate on finding offers near train or bus stations. The timetable search provided by the German railway company Deutsche Bahn will help you determine the travel time to Kleve or Kamp-Lintfort Campus.

If you will be studying in Kleve, you can look for flats in cities along the ‘RE 10’ train route.

If you will be studying in Kamp-Lintfort, you could rent a flat in a city along the RB 31 train route. There is no direct train connection to Kamp-Lintfort, but you can change to the ‘SB 30’ bus line in the city of Moers to reach Kamp-Lintfort. If you rent a flat in Duisburg, you can take the SB 30 line directly to Kamp-Lintfort (travel time approx. 45 min).

Don’t lose heart! Start your search early and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions. We will be glad to help.


Further Tips From a Student 

Maria Alejandra is a student at Rhine-Waal University and provides further tips on housing in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort in this video.